Terms and Conditions
By registering for RSEEC2020, all participants agree to be bound by, and comply with, these Terms and Conditions. It is the participant’s responsibility to read and understand these Terms and Conditions. All participants must pay the registration fee before 15th August 2020 in case of authors, and by 8th October 2020, in case of other participants.
To complete Registration, please download the Registration Form , fill it and send it by 15th August 2020 in case of authors, and by 8th October 2019, in case of other participants, to Conference Secretary, by email to: or by fax, to (+40)21 303 58 30 .

Payment Methods
Online banking with EuPlatesc (Visa / Maestro / Mastercard).
If you have chosen the “Online banking card” payment method, you need to fill out a form with your card information on the secured payment processor page.
– Credit / debit card payments issued under Visa and MasterCard (Visa / Visa Electron and MasterCard / Maestro) is performed through the “3-D Secure” system developed by organizations that provide on-line transactions the same level of security as ATMs or physical environments at the merchant.
– “3-D Secure” assures first that no information related to your card is transferred or stored, at no time, on the store’s servers or on the payment processor’s servers, these data being directly introduced into Visa and MasterCard systems.

Important to know! – There are no charges for bank card payments!

The registration is effective only after the acknowledgement of the registration fees payment.



First Name:
Last Name:
Personal Numerical Code:
Zip Code:
Country Code:

Accompany person:

First Name:
Last Name:

Conference services:

Conference Tariff includes a 3-days package that cannot be split, as it covers access to Conference Agenda (Sessions & Tutorials, Technical meetings), Conference Proceedings Book/CD, Coffee Breaks, Lunches, Welcome Cocktail. Companion package includes access to Welcome Cocktail. No access to Technical Meetings.

MODIFICATION POLICY: Modifications are processed until 14th August 2019.

Cancellation: inability of attendance (attendee and/or companion) at the Session is considered as a cancellation of registration. No cancellation will be accepted after 14th August 2020. Before this date, please contact the CIGRE Central Office in writing.

Refund of registration fees, minus administration expenses (EUR 50 per attendee and EUR 20 per companion), only after Session.


In case you would require invoice, please fill in the following details:

Company Name:
Company Fiscal Code:
Company Registration Number:
Bank Name:
Bank Account:

Personal Information

Please note that participation contact details will be kept on CMDM2019 database, which will only be used by the CNR-CIGRE representatives. No credit card information will be recorded or stored.

Liabities and insurances

CNR-CIGRE does not take the responsibility of force majeure reasons for cancellation of the event (natural disaster, fires, outbreak of epidemic diseases, major strikes etc.).

In force majeure cases, CNR-CIGRE decides on the possible refunds of the Conference fees.

The Conference participants should take care of their own travel, injury and medical insurances before the Conference trip. CNR-CIGRE does not assume any liability for damage or injuries to persons or property during the Conference. CNR-CIGRE will not accept liability for damages of any nature sustained by delegates or accompanying persons, or loss of, or damage to their personal property as a result of the Conference or related events.



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